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   Hotel   SANTINI            


Allow us offer you an accomondation at a SANTINI hotel with an excellent restaurant and cuisine at Křtiny village is situated 14 km north east from Brno town and is consideret as an entrance gate to the middle part of the Moravian Carst.It´s not only the beatiful nature wihch pulls the visitors there.There is also a number of those who come there concerning in arts and spiritualism.Křtiny keeps the Virgin Mary´s Cathedral , built by Santini,the pearl among the Czech baroque buildings,one of the oldest and most memorable places at Moravia.           


Total hotel capacity is 44 beds with 18 additional beds.We can offer you an accomondation at fully equipped single, double or triple rooms.There are four apartmens with bedroom,livingroom and accesories for privileged guests.All rooms are equipped with TV and telefone.The faxmashine is avaiable at hotel´desk.